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Dementia support

If you have had a diagnosis of dementia or another type of memory problem, you’ll be able to find the many support options available to you.

The Memory Support Service provides tailored information and support to those who are concerned about their memory and are yet to receive a dementia diagnosis.
Search our directory to find groups, resources and services specifically for people living in Oxfordshire.
Our sharing sessions bring people living with dementia together, to learn, talk openly and make new connections. 
It isn’t just older people who are affected by dementia. Although age is the biggest risk factor, the condition can occur at almost any stage in someone’s life.
Dementia cafes are a great way to increase social interaction and get involved in stimulating activities. Many people living with dementia and their carers feel a boost in their mood after attending. 
A Dementia Adviser provides support to people diagnosed as living with dementia as well as their families.
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