Support Line: 01865 410 210

Support Line:
01865 410 210

Next steps after a diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis for you or a loved one can be overwhelming at first. However, it opens up many opportunities for you to be supported along your dementia journey.

Below we have outlined four essential pages that will help you navigate life after diagnosis.

Oxfordshire has a wide range of support services and professionals specific to dementia care. We can guide you to contact the right people for your situation.
It can be difficult to find all of the support that is available to you. Building and using a strong support network of people, friends, and organisations is key to living well with dementia.
Are you questioning which steps you need to take next? We’ve come up with a handy checklist so you can make sure you’ve got the essentials covered.
There can be a lot of confusingly-clinical language used within the world of dementia care. We’ve explained some of the most common jargon so that you can join the conversation.
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