Support Line: 01865 410 210

Support Line:
01865 410 210

Carer support

Caring for someone living with dementia can be very rewarding, but it can also be extremely demanding – both physically and emotionally. The needs of the person you care for may increasingly have to come before your own. It can be hard to find time to take a break or even to arrange for someone to help you.

However, looking after yourself is important – not only for your own health and wellbeing, but also for your relationship with the person you care for.

There are a wide variety of services out there to support you along you journey as a carer.

Supporting someone with dementia can be overwhelming which is why we run education sessions, to help you prepare for what’s ahead – no matter where you are in the journey.

Carers Oxfordshire is a service that supports carers to maintain their own health and well-being.

Care2Share are virtual groups ran by our Dementia Advisers designed for our client’s carers to come online and join a small group of their peers who are in similar situations. 

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