Support Line: 01865 410 210

Support Line:
01865 410 210

Memory support

What is our Memory Support Service?

The Memory Support Service (MSS) provides tailored information and support to those who are concerned about their memory and their families and carers. Unlike most of the support we’re able to offer, accessing help from our MSS does not require you to have a diagnosis of dementia.

It enables everyone to explore strategies that will support them to live well with their memory by focusing on their strengths and abilities. It will help people to access other health, social care and community services.

Eligibility for support

Dementia Oxfordshire is now able to offer tailored support to:

  • People with memory concerns (excluding age-related concerns)
  • People who have an MCI diagnosis and are in the prodromal stage
To be eligible for this service, you have to be registered with a GP Practice within Oxfordshire.
We only accept referrals from medical professionals.

Support available through this service

Our Memory Advisers can provide information and support around a broad range of topics and will make referrals to other organisations where required. The following examples are just a portion of the advice and support we can provide through this service:

  • Explaining how Memory Clinic appointments work and encouraging people to come forward for a diagnosis
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Memory-related coping strategies
  • Keeping safe and well
  • The importance of cognitive and social stimulation and the benefits of joining groups and taking part in activities
  • Support available from health, social care & other local services
  • Assistive technology and using aids around the home
  • Getting a benefits check and how to claim benefits they are entitled to
  • Planning ahead, including discussions around Power of Attorney /Advanced Decisions

Support and advice will be provided through a task and finish approach, cases will be closed once support has been provided, however, people can reconnect with the service through our support line number where needed.

We will create a Support Plan for the client which will identify their needs and goals and how these can be reached.

The aim of this support is to:

  • Reduce people’s worries and concerns
  • Encourage people to accept a referral to the memory clinic
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices and the use of coping strategies
  • Reduce the likelihood that an MCI diagnosis progresses to dementia

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Support Line:
01865 410 210

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