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Dementia cafes

What is a dementia cafe?

Dementia cafés (also sometimes referred to as memory cafés) provide people living with dementia, and the people who regularly support them, an opportunity to meet and socialise with people who are facing a similar future in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

What to expect

A dementia café is not the same as a memory clinic, where a formal assessment and diagnosis of dementia can be made.

Dementia cafés exist to provide information and support in a relaxed and informal environment. Cafés are run by skilled staff and supported by local volunteers who will be able to signpost you to the most appropriate sources of help for your needs. 

Attending a café begins with a warm welcome and usually a cup of something to break the ice.  There are often planned events on offer for those who wish to take part.  These range from guest speakers (e.g. health professionals) to interesting taster activities such as painting or craft sessions, or themed reminiscence conversations (e.g. talking together about a favourite celebration) and the ever-popular chance to do some singing.

99% of people who have attended a dementia café say that they have been provided with useful information (Alzheimer’s Society, 2019).

How do I find my nearest cafe?

If you are worried about your memory (or that of someone close) but no formal diagnosis of dementia has been made, you are still welcome to visit your nearest café to find out more information about what may be concerning you.

You can find your closest cafe by first checking out our events page, these are cafes in which one of our dementia advisers will be there to support you. Our directory also has information on other cafes or you could speak to your Dementia Adviser to find out what else is in your area. 

Do I have to pay?

In most areas, dementia cafés are free to attend.  Some groups may request a small contribution toward the cost of the refreshments on offer.

All of our memory cafes are available to anyone with a dementia diagnosis and their loved ones living in Oxfordshire. Any upcoming sessions, along with information on their location and timings will be posted on our events page. Click the button below to find a memory cafe near you

“Engaging with the dementia cafe bought enjoyment to my client living with dementia and his wife. The support they received from meeting others in a similar situation was beneficial to them both”

One of our Dementia Advisers

“Mum is very sociable, but boy, oh boy, was she on form yesterday! I haven’t heard her talk so much and so animated. When I took her home [after the memory café], thinking she would collapse into a heap exhuasted, she was chatting away”.

Julie, talking about her Mum, Terry.

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