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The 11 best daily word games and quizzes

The 11 best daily word games and quizzes

Have you heard of Wordle, or even Quordle?

They are just some of the best daily word games that have been developed to provide fun, as well as some mental exercise. Some of the games change daily so you always have a new challenge. Why not investigate the games below, and see how much fun you can have?

Number games

NERDLE – is mathematical game. Players get to guess an equation each day. The equation is a combination of 8 numbers and symbols and the player needs to guess the whole equation in six attempts. There are always 8 tiles to guess. Not for the fainthearted but may be up your street!

SUDOKU – is a very challenging numerical game. You need to complete a 9×9 square with numbers from 1-9 with no repeated numbers in each line, horizontally or vertically. Even more challenging, there are 3×3 squares marked out in the grid, and each of these squares can’t have any repeat numbers either. So if you are a numbers type person, why not have a go at Sudoku.

Daily word games

WORDLE – Most people would say Wordle is one of the best daily word games. It was developed by a Welsh software engineer. It is a daily word game. You have to guess what the hidden word is and you do this by solving the puzzle by going through a process of elimination clues.

Wordle, one of the best daily word games

On the screen you will be met by a 5-wide by 6-long grid of empty, white boxes. Each box can hold a letter which makes up a word. So start by putting a random 5 letter word with different vowels and consonants and enter. Once you do this, you hope some of your letters may change. If they turn yellow, it means the hidden word has this letter but just not in the position you used it. If the letter turns green you have found one of the word’s letters and it is in the right position.

You get 6 opportunities to guess the word. There is a new word every single day. Take a look at Wordle and have a go!

QUORDLE – if you can get the hang of Wordle, then why not attempt the tougher version call Quordle. Instead of trying to find one 5 letter word, you work to find 4 words using the same technique as you use in Wordle. It’s a quadruple version of Wordle. Quordle is very challenging. Definitely the next level after Wordle!

WAFFLE – is a game where players must rearrange letters to find six five letter words. The game is presented in a grid that looks a little like a waffle. You have 15 turns to try and complete it. This is a daily word game. Quite a challenge, so grab a coffee/tea, get comfy and have a go!

CONNECTIONS – the object of this game is to group words that share a common thread. For example, you could group words like Thames, Mississippi, Nile and Danube – under the thread of RIVERS. As the connection being they are all rivers. But that is an easy example so why not have a look at Connections and try it out.

BLOSSOM – is a daily word game. It combines elements of a word search withGraphic of Blossom online word game a crossword puzzle. You need to create words using the pre-selected letters in the petals. Each word must use the letter in the middle of the flower. If you include the letter in the petal that is highlighted you will gain more points. Each of the letters will make one whole word so if you guess that you will gain even more points. BLOSSOM is challenging and addictive, it is a good game to improve your vocabulary skills.

Trivia quizzes

Some people just love general knowledge quizzes. Do you recognise famous people, can identify music lyrics, landmarks etc., then why not take a look at some of the online Quiz Games below.

SPORCLE – Has many free online trivia quizzes covering many topics such as Geography, History, Sports, Music, TV and more! These quizzes were developed by many different people across the world. SPORCLE does have a strong American influence but it is still very enjoyable. Here are a few examples of the quiz titles:

  • Popular people in 1966
  • Periodic table of Elements
  • Can you pick which country satisfies each of the given criteria?
  • Given a country, can you find three notable landmarks?
  • Who played this character in the film shown?

WORLDLE – Worldle is definitely the best daily word game for geography buffs! Every day a shape of a country is shown and you have to guess which one it is. You have 4 attempts. This quiz changes daily.

Crossword puzzles

THE MISSING LETTER – A crossword created with a twist. There are 25 clues that are definitions from the Merriam Webster dictionary, and each one has a solution that starts with a different letter of the alphabet.

Image of a crossword

BEST CROSSWORDS – an online website run by the largest supplier of free crossword puzzles on the web. It publishes 15 grids daily. No registration is required.

It is important to keep yourself mentally, as well as physically fit. Brain activities will help you to feel better, and more confident, overall improving your brain power. If you want to find out how else you can keep your brain active, check out other activities you can do from home.

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