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Our volunteers are priceless!

Our volunteers are priceless!

'The glue'

Volunteers are often described as ‘the glue’ that holds organisations together. It’s not just the extra pair of hands that’s invaluable, but also the varying perspectives and experiences that volunteers provide to us.

We’re thankful for the constant work our volunteers do to raise the profile of Dementia Oxfordshire and all of the services provided by Age UK Oxfordshire.

Although we literally can’t thank them enough, one of our Dementia Advisers put together a social afternoon as a little thank you for our volunteers.

Some of Dementia Oxfordshire & Age UK Oxfordshire volunteers
One of our Dementia Advisers, Gilly, with some of our brilliant volunteers.

The afternoon proved great fun and offered an opportunity for volunteers to speak about their roles within Dementia Oxfordshire, why they do it, and what they get from it.

“What a pleasure it was to meet such enthusiastic volunteers and listen to their stories about what led them to volunteer with Dementia Oxfordshire –  they are all wonderful and it was an honour to be able to give something back to show our appreciation.”

Gilly Fishleigh, our Dementia Adviser who organised the event

Our volunteers often tell us about how rewarding it is to support a cause they feel strongly about. It’s also a great way to share your perspective if you’ve gone through similar experiences to those you’d be supporting.

Would you like to volunteer with us? Check out our available opportunities.

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