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Moving Music Concert Returns

Moving Music Concert Returns

Moving Music Concerts offer an opportunity for people living with dementia, along with their family, friends or carers to enjoy a concert experience together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The two concerts on Monday 4th April, one at 11:30am and another at 2pm, are relaxed performances and sing-along.

Derek Paravicini will return to Moving Music with his lively range of classical, jazz and other pieces, including his unique improvisations. He will be joined by singer Hannah Davey, who will perform with Derek and lead the sing-along songs with the audience.  You can read about Derek Paravicini here and about Hannah Davey here

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served for 30 minutes before the concerts start, giving you time to settle in and greet old and new friends. There will be Covid precautions including ventilation, so do dress warm if the weather is chilly. It is important you reserve your place in advance.

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