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Marathon Mark

Marathon Mark

Mark Cranstoun is running the London Marathon to raise money for our partner organisation, Dementia UK, to help support those diagnosed with the condition, their family and carers.

“Having first run the London Marathon in 1995 with no training and too many beers the night before, I foolishly thought the 2021 event, with plenty of time to train, would be a breeze!,” says Mark.

“It turns out my body has aged a little in 26 years and 26 miles also seems to have got a lot further – this may just be an illusion caused by carrying an extra 26 kilos!

“I’m running to raise money for dementia – a truly awful and, with the elderly population, rapidly growing condition with over 800,000 people in the UK diagnosed. For those us with a loved one battling dementia, the support and care provided is both much needed and appreciated and I’m keen to raise as much as I can.”

I will personally double the first £2,500 so with gift aid – any £1 you can donate becomes £2.56. I realise times are tough and lots of charities are fundraising – so any donations would be gratefully received. Thank you.”

Mark has raised £6,629.20 so far! And with Gift Aid added, that’s a whopping £7,960.25!

If you want to support Mark you can donate on Virgin Money Giving.

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