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Support Line:
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“It’s a very worthy cause” – A talk with Joan O’Neill

It’s a very worthy cause, we would’ve struggled without the support.”

Joan’s late husband, Sean O’Neill, lived with dementia for many years, accessing our support, as well as the help of the wider Age UK Oxfordshire charity. Throughout all this time, Joan and her family have been consistently raising money for the charity. Most recently donating a very generous £500.
We met with Joan to thank her for her efforts and talk about her history of volunteering and fundraising.

“The first fundraising garden party was 7 years ago. It was very successful, we had neighbours, friends, and family all there. We put everything outside, we had all the [Dementia Oxfordshire] banners.”

Joan accepting a certificate of appreciation from Age UK Oxfordshire's CEO

As Joan has gotten older, she’s had to adapt the way she helps out. “I’m limited now, but I can still go to the groups, and sometimes all they want is someone to talk to. I know what to do, and who to ask, so I can help those people out.”

Joan would also accompany her husband to many of the social events hosted by Dementia Oxfordshire. “Sean really liked the memory cafes, he always said that he was there to volunteer and help everyone else, not the other way around.” “It’s all here for people, it’s just getting that information out there…. the key is getting that diagnosis.”

Joan’s family have been amazing fundraisers for us; the Oxon Shamrocks Celtic Supporters Club – run by her son-in-law, David Heron – raised £500 for us last year, and have nominated us as their chosen charity for this year!

Continuing on with this family fundraising tradition, Dominic Heron is running the Southend Half Marathon on the 11th of June in memory of his late grandfather, Sean O’Neill.

We would be delighted if you could donate whatever you can in support of Dominic’s wonderful effort.

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