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Dementia Awareness in the Community

After the success of our Carer Education Sessions, we are now offering Dementia Awareness Sessions for local organisations and businesses. 
Going out into the community and into various social settings can be daunting for people living with dementia. If everyone has some knowledge of the condition, we can all help make our local communities safer and more comfortable for people living with dementia.

Who are the sessions for?

Our Dementia Awareness Sessions are aimed at any local organisation or business that are looking to better serve people living with dementia. We have already worked with home care agencies, community and social groups. 

Some organisations wish to learn more about dementia in an effort to provide the right service to clients or customers, whilst others have a more personal reason to learn more. 


What do the sessions include?

The session will be run by one of our highly experienced Dementia Advisers. 

All sessions will cover core information on:

  • What dementia is
  • How it effects the individual and those around them
  • Behaviours that may be exhibited by the person and why these may occur
  • Identity, independence and wellbeing of the person living with dementia

Sessions can be adapted to the needs of your organisation by adding information relevant to your audience and setting.

How much do the sessions cost?

We do request that with each Dementia Awareness Session presented your organisation provide a donation to Dementia Oxfordshire, which will be agreed prior to the session.

These donations help us to continue to support our clients living with dementia and their families.

For more information or to arrange a Dementia Awareness Session please contact

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