Support Line: 01865 410 210

Support Line:
01865 410 210

Angela Bynoe

Angela Bynoe

Dementia Oxfordshire

Dementia Adviser – City & Central


Before joining Dementia Oxfordshire in 2021, Angela worked as a special diet cook for the NHS, supported carers in South Oxfordshire for three years and worked in an EMI hospice for one year.  

“My mum had early onset Alzheimer’s disease aged 52, I was able to care for her needs for twenty-five years supporting her recreation, spiritual, emotional and personal care. As a Dementia Adviser, I want to assist others with dementia, their families and their carers.  

Dementia develops uniquely in every individual. No person can definitively say how smooth, or rough the waves of dementia’s progression will be. Therefore, a person-centred holistic approach is imperative for promoting independence, good health, fun and wellbeing. Invaluable are the discussions which are at times difficult, adjusting how to manage the symptoms of dementia and the signposting of information and relevant advice. I am here to support in all these aspects”. 

Angela brings many qualifications to the role including a BSc in Health and Social Care, Dementia Care Practice Level 3 and multiple certificates relating to care, mental health and counselling. Angela also supports Dementia Oxfordshire’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work to make dementia care more accessible to all.  

Angela Bynoe
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