Dementia Oxfordshire

 Dementia Oxfordshire Support Line: 01865 410 210   9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Information and Advice

Here you will find information and advice on memory concerns, driving, travel and holidays, medication, financial and legal matters. This information is aimed at people living with dementia, their carers, family and friends and professionals. We have a specific section of the site dedicated to information for carers. 
For support options and services please visit our Dementia Support or Carer Support pages.

memory concerns

If you are concerned about significant memory loss, confusion or problems with language and decision-making, then you should get an assessment from a doctor. Many things can cause memory problems, but a doctor may refer you to a memory clinic.
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Financial & Legal Matters

After a diagnosis of dementia, you may have questions about how to pay for care and support and how to ensure your wishes and preferences can be respected later on when you may be unable to make decisions.
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Medication and Dementia

If you are living with dementia you may be currently taking a wide variety of medication. You may want to consider a medication review or find new ways to help with medication management.
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Some people with a diagnosis of dementia notice difficulties driving or worry it means they can no longer drive. A diagnosis does not always mean you have to give up driving. There are ways to make driving easier and options if you are giving up driving.
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Travel and Holidays

A diagnosis of dementia can make travelling more difficult. However, there are some things that may make holiday planning easier and lots of tips to consider before you travel.
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