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Financial support

Care and support can be costly if you have dementia, particularly in the later stages, and if you have early-onset dementia you may have left your job and experienced a drop in income.

While there are no benefits specifically for people with dementia, you may be entitled to financial support due to disability or low income.


A diagnosis of dementia may entitle you to disability-related financial support, depending on your symptoms and what activities you can still do. The main benefits available are:

  • Personal Independence Payment – available for people aged 16 to the pension age
  • Attendance Allowance – available to people over the pension age
  • Employment and Support Allowance – available to people with a limited capacity for work due to illness or disability

Benefits paid as a weekly amount and can make a difference if you struggle to pay for equipment or personal care. For more information on how to apply, read GOV.UK’s information on personal independence paymentemployment and support allowance and attendance allowance respectively.

As well as benefits, you may be entitled to a disabled facilities grant to cover the cost of adapting your home for disability. Disabled facilities grants are means-tested and are intended to help you stay in your own home. For more information on the disabled facilities grants, click here.



The main benefits available if you are on a low income are:

  • Universal credit – this is available to people of working age
  • Pension credit – this is available if you are over the state pension age but do not receive enough from your pension

To apply, visit the GOV.UK website for pension credit here and for universal credit here.

Housing and heating costs

Housing benefit is the main form of housing-related financial support and is offered to low-income tenants to help pay for the rent. For information on how to apply, click here.

If you are a homeowner, you may be eligible for Support for Mortgage Interest, which is a loan paid to help you keep up with interest payments. It does not cover the cost of the mortgage itself.

If you are in receipt of benefits such as income support or pension credit, you will qualify for Cold Weather Payment, a special payment that is made if the temperature drops below a certain level for seven consecutive days.

NHS costs

Depending on what income-related benefits you receive, you may be eligible for help with NHS costs, which can include:

  • Free prescriptions
  • Help with travel to and from hospital
  • Free sight tests
  • Free dental checkups

To see whether you are eligible, click here.


If you are above the state pension age, you will receive winter fuel payment automatically and regardless of income, providing you meet other eligibility criteria.

If you claim a pension but it is not enough to live on, or you are not able to claim a pension at all, you might be eligible for pension credit.

Finally, if you have severe visual impairment or are over the age of 75, you will be eligible for a free or discounted TV license.


Turn2Us – offers a free tool to check your benefit entitlement as well as search for charitable grants you might be able to access.

Citizens Advice – a national organiation which provides free advice on finances and legal issues, with local advisers in every part of the country.

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