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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Published on 24th March 2020 (Last updated 25th March 2020)

What do I do if I’m a carer and I’m worried about getting ill?

It can be a cause for concern if you are a carer and you are worried about getting ill, if the worst happens it will be very difficult for you and the person you care for. The best thing is to be prepared. It is important to create an emergency plan and develop your local support network as much as possible. Carer’s UK provide some guidance, and you can call your Dementia Adviser who can send you a template for an emergency plan and help you work through your options.

What can I do if I’m especially vulnerable?

If you are especially vulnerable it is important to self isolate at home and find out about local support organisations that can help you with shopping, medicines etc.

If you are especially vulnerable you can register on this government website for extra support, you can also register on behalf of another person.

Where can I find out about local practical support?

You can visit the new Oxford All In website which is mapping support in the county and you can call your Dementia Adviser who can advise you about what is available locally. You can also call the Support Line on 01865 410 210.

How will I cope if I am self isolating?

If you are self isolating stay in contact with your friends and relatives by phone or other means, make a routine and keep your mind active. If you can go out for a walk every day and keep your distance from other people that is a good thing to do.

An Oxfordshire organisation, El-Well, has some good pages on coping with self-isolation as does the Guideposts Trust.

A number of organisations are offering phone calls just to have a regular friendly chat. Ask your Dementia Adviser for more information.

What if English isn’t my first language?

Information about Coronavirus in 32 different languages can be found here.

– The Dementia Oxfordshire Team

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