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Specialist Information for people under 65

YoungDementia UK is an Oxfordshire based charity, established in 1998, dedicated to ensuring people affected by young onset dementia have the best possible opportunity to live well.

Who are YODAs and how can they help me?

Our Young Onset Dementia Advisers (YODAs) provide practical and emotional support from the point of diagnosis to people living with young onset and their family members, helping the whole family (including partners, children and parents) to adjust through home visits, regular telephone and email contact.

Individual support is available for the person living with young onset dementia to help them to adapt to the changes in life they are experiencing. Our Young Onset Dementia support workers provide consistent, face-to-face support that enables people to continue with activities and interests they enjoy.

We offer signposting to local community groups and activities as well as to national young onset activities and research opportunities.

Meet the YoungDementia team here

What sort of activities and support do you offer?

YoungDementia UK endeavours to enable people living with young onset dementia and their families to continue their lives, meet new friends and feel supported.

  • We host regular Like Minds groups in various locations across Oxfordshire specifically for younger people living with dementia to gather together and share time, experiences and ideas.
  • Partnerships with local arts organisations and museums provide other interesting and stimulating opportunities during the year.
  • Our regular Coffee & Chat and Walk & Talk get-togethers enable family members to meet others in similar circumstances in a relaxed environment and share experiences.
  • Our monthly Supper Club is an opportunity for a night out, with musical entertainment, good food, dancing and fun for all the family.
  • We host an annual garden party in July and a Christmas party in December.


Where do I find out more?

To speak to someone about the YoungDementia services, advice and support, please contact Anna Eden, Support Service Manager, on 01865 794311 / 07506 597365 or via

Our website and social media pages provide a wealth of information about young onset dementia and alongside our newsletter, help people to feel connected with others who are in the same situation.


YoungDementia UK website:

Twitter:  @YoungDementiaUK

Facebook:  @YoungDementiaUK

YoungDementia UK Oxfordshire Newsletter 04-2018 FINAL with links

YoungDementia Events flyer December 2018-March 2019


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Join the Young Dementia Network

At YoungDementia UK we know first hand about the impact of dementia on younger people and their families and how isolating it can be.
We believe that everyone affected should be well informed, feel connected to others and enabled to live life to the full.

So we are creating a Network. A community that includes people living with young onset dementia, their family and friends, as well as organisations and professionals who work in the fields of dementia and social care. We want the Network to include you!
Find out more about the Network here:

Launching a GP decision-making tool

The Young Dementia Network has worked with GPs to create this tool because accurate and timely diagnosis is an essential part of living as well as possible with young onset dementia.
Receiving a diagnosis is a first step towards accessing treatment, support, information and advice to help you and your family adjust to life with dementia. But unfortunately, it currently takes twice as long – on average 4.5 years – for a younger person to receive a diagnosis as it does an older person.

By creating a tool for GPs we aim to raise their awareness of young onset dementia and the wide range of issues someone may experience which prompts a visit to their doctor. Because younger people are more likely to have a rarer form of dementia, those issues can include much more than memory loss.

We are asking Network members to take action by
• Reading about the GP decision-making tool here
• Reviewing the tool and feeding back your comments on our online surveys
• Taking a copy of the tool to your own GP and asking them to complete the online survey as well
• Tell other health professionals about the tool and encouraging them to review it.
We want as many people as possible to use and review this decision-making tool so we can be confident it works for people with young onset dementia and their GPs. Once the pilot has been completed we will update the tool and our aim is to make it available to all GPs across the UK.

GP Decision Making Tool