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Caring for Someone with Dementia- Dementia training

This FREE dementia training is delivered by Dementia Oxfordshire and available to anyone who is a carer to someone with dementia, particularly family and friends. Including hints and tips for coping and understanding everyday difficulties around communication and behaviours.

How the Sessions have been planned

Session 1

This session is about understanding dementia, demystifying myths & stigmas.

Session 2

Communication and dementia: how to communicate well with someone with dementia.

Session 3

Understanding that behaviour is communication, learn to read signs, coping strategies, emergencies, local support and organisations that can help you in your caring role.

Details of courses currently available.

Further details
The Pump Room
Date Wednesday
All in one session: 27th September
Time 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Further details Spaces available. Contact Claire on 01993 899 980.

To register your interest in the next round of training please complete email,

including your location, and preferred time of day such as am/pm or evening to:

We are aware that committing to attending one of our sessions may be difficult for carers, with this in mind we do have some very useful e-learning links, if you would like to find out more about dementia at your own pace and time please contact us: or call 01993 899 980.

We also understand that it is often difficult for you to leave the person you care for, we do have a couple of options available such as shared sessions, or volunteers who will stay with your loved one. Please contact us for more details or call 01993 899 980.