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Archive for July, 2018

Saye and Sele Arms fundraise for Dementia Oxfordshire

Nicola Luxton and Jane Probets, Dementia Advisers, recently had the pleasure of collecting a special cheque for £1,700, on behalf of Dementia Oxfordshire. Our sincere thanks goes to Danny and Liz for their hospitality and generosity at the Saye and Sele Arms, Broughton, and to Brian, his family, the quizmasters and teams for their wonderful […]

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Oxford Boy: A Post-War Townie Childhood – Will Wyatt

Former BBC executive Will Wyatt tells the story of his humble Oxford upbringing in the 1940s and 50s and how his childhood was transformed by a scandalous and unexpected event. Wyatt’s story is of the Oxford of bricklayers and the Cowley Works not the dreaming spires. It features tales of betting, conkers, fag cards, ‘prozzie […]

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